STEM Your Halloween

October 18, 2017
  STEM your Halloween! When the kids are completely wound up during the week before Halloween, it is the perfect time to add some holiday STEM activities to keep them...
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Makerspace in the Classroom: Ideas and Tips for STEM Success

October 11, 2017
Ready to add a classroom makerspace? Not quite sure how to organize it? Still pondering exactly what a “maker” is and what happens in the “space”? We have a few...
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Fall into STEM

October 2, 2017
Fall has arrived. So let’s gather apples. acorns, pumpkins, leaves and STEM ideas. Autumn provides a wealth of opportunities to integrate engineering activities into the curriculum. Although Halloween can...
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Best STEM Challenge Ever

April 30, 2017
 Best STEM Challenge Ever! Do you teach animal adaptations and habitats? We have a great STEM challenge that is easily integrated into your science unit. Part of our “Is It In Your...
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Let’s Get the Party Started With STEM and Engineering!

October 29, 2016
The school year is in full swing – all of the beginning of the year activities such as Back to School Nights and initial parent conferences are finished. As you...
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A School for STEAM Inspiration

September 27, 2016
For many, the Yucatan Peninsula brings to mind adventures and excursions from the extraordinary archeological sites of the Mayan culture to the lovely resorts of Cancun. We were recently...
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STEM with Families

September 15, 2016
The school year is in full swing. So how’s it going? STEM lessons integrated into your curriculum?  STEM materials and supplies organized?  STEM outreach to parents planned? Educators, as well...
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Surviving the End of the Year with STEM, STEM, and More STEM!

April 24, 2016
 Three Tips for Survival: STEM , STEM, and more STEM! The end of standardized testing and the approaching last days of school, brings both excitement and trepidation to most teachers....
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A Principal’s Perspective : Why Engineering ?

April 14, 2016
Get Caught Engineering is delighted to have Jesse Kraft as our guest blogger this month. Jesse is the award winning principal of Providence Elementary School in Fairfax, Virginia. His insight and leadership has contributed...
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Take Flight With STEM!

February 9, 2016
On December 17th, 1903, two gentlemen, who were not professional scientists or engineers, first flew their invention that would change the world. Wilbur and Orville Wright flew their plane...
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What They Say


Wendy came to Bellevue Arts Museum to co-lead our Full STEAM Ahead! Summer Camp in August 2014. This camp was a huge success thanks to her expertise, experience, and warmth working with the campers throughout the week…

Educational Outreach Director, The Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Washington