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Starting a STEM program in your class or school? The first step in implementing an engineering program is teaching your students the engineering design process. Our primer includes a simple explanation, the NGSS standards, and the design process poster. We have also included group role cards and a helpful list of inquiry questions. You can either enlarge and display the poster or make copies for your student’s STEM notebooks.

The Prince needs your students’ help. He is trying to get to Sleeping Beauty’s castle and has encountered a river that his horse will not cross. He needs your students to build a platform bridge so that he can proceed to the castle. Time for structural engineering! Students will use what they know about the strength of shapes and materials to design and build a platform bridge that can hold weight. Included are student handouts, teacher notes, and a rubric.

With a gummy worm, gummy lifesave, a cup, and a paperclip, students will work in teams of two to solve a STEM challenge. Based on a popular STEM activity, we have added the engineering design process to this free activity. Perfect for an introduction to engineering in grades K-6 or a staff workshop.

No time for an in-depth engineering lesson? Have some foil? A small plastic tub of water? Some pennies? You are good to go! Our Foil Boat Engineering Energizer is just the ticket for a quick STEM lesson that provides a challenge, group problem solving, and a “brain push-up” in a short amount of time with just a few materials. An easy way to integrate engineering into your day! Try this freebie with your class or at a teacher workshop to introduce them to STEM.

Family Style Engineering

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