Surviving the End of the Year with STEM, STEM, and More STEM!

April 24, 2016
 Three Tips for Survival: STEM , STEM, and more STEM! The end of standardized testing and the approaching last days of school, brings both excitement and trepidation to most teachers. ...
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A Principal’s Perspective : Why Engineering ?

April 14, 2016
Get Caught Engineering is delighted to have Jesse Kraft as our guest blogger this month. Jesse is the award winning principal of Providence Elementary School in Fairfax, Virginia. His insight and leadership has contributed ...
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Take Flight With STEM!

February 9, 2016
On December 17th, 1903, two gentlemen, who were not professional scientists or engineers, first flew their invention that would change the world. Wilbur and Orville Wright flew their plane ...
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Chill Out with S.T.E.M. – Engineering for Indoor Recess

January 29, 2016
As we write this blog, the snow is blowing and piling up outside our windows here in Virginia. We see the future workload of shoveling snow in sidewalks and digging ...
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On the Virtual Road with STEM!

November 4, 2015
On the Virtual Road with STEM! Collaborate – verb: definition: To work together especially in a joint intellectual effort. Collaboration is an important part of STEM in our classrooms. ...
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Trick or Treat with STEM

October 11, 2015
Trick or Treat with STEM! When the kids are completely wound up during the week before Halloween, it is the perfect time to add some holiday STEM activities to ...
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September 21, 2015
Bucks for STEM “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” The new school year brings to the classroom recharged batteries and new ideas to try. Perhaps you are considering adding some new ...
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Back to School! Make It STEM-AZING!!

September 1, 2015
Back to School! Make It STEM-AZING!! It’s July and the ads on television and radio for new clothes, laptops, lunchboxes, paper and crayons mean only one thing – the new ...
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May 13, 2015
SOARING WITH STEM!     “Up in the Air, Junior Birdman Up in the Air, Birdman Fly       Up in the Air, Junior Birdman         ...
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Enchanted Engineering

March 5, 2015
Once upon a time, fairy tales were for the very young. They were read at bedtime or watched in Disney movies.But in a true to life “happily ever after” ...
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