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November 9, 2022


Turning the page for STEM

It is so exciting to see what new childrens' books have been published each year and which books have a connection to STEM. As we read and savor each one, we begin thinking of connections.

Will we add it to our maker space for reference?

Will we recommended it to a certain child who we think might love the story ?

Do we read it aloud to the entire class?

Do we get a set of the books for a guided reading group?

Or do we feature and display it and wait for the requests (or perhaps the begging) to borrow it ?

And finally, do we create and write a hands-on STEM activity to go with it?

Each new exciting STEM publication promises so many options. Whether a recently published or a book that will be released very soon, we get so excited as each one becomes available to share.This year has been no exception and we have been gathering some great choices for STEM books in 2022.

Girls Think of Everything

by Catherine Thinmesh and Melissa Sweet

Girls Think of Everything

If you are a fan of Women Who Dared and Women in Science, you are going to love the updated edition of Girls Think of Everything! With seven new chapters that better represent our diverse and increasingly technological world, readers are introduced to women and girls who have created ingenious innovations that have improved our lives. A fantastic book to encourage students to think big and persevere.


Celia Planted a Garden

By Phyllis Root and Gary D. Schmidt

Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Celia Planted a Garden

We found the perfect book for your plant science unit. Beautifully written and illustrated by an award winning team. Celia Planted a Garden tells the story of Celia Thaxter, a gardener and writer, who is considered the foremother of writing about nature.

On an island off the coast of Maine, her father built a large hotel that hosted guests from around the world including the famous authors Hawthorne, Longfellow and Whittier. On this island Celia planted a garden with nearly sixty types of flowers and wrote poems about her environment that were published in magazines and books.This picture book is a wonderful exploration of a naturalist who will be new to many readers.

Our Plant Adaptation STEM Unit is a good choice to use with this book. Students design a plant or flower that could survive in a specific habitat. Creativity, problem solving and application of habitat knowledge combine for a wonderful activity for your students.

Plant Adaptations - Engineer a Plant for a Habitat

Spectacular Stories for Curious kids - STEM Edition

By Jesse Sullivan

Spectacular Stories for Curious Kids -STEM Edition

Full of fascinating facts from science, technology, engineering and math, this is a great book for reluctant readers. Two hundred pages filled with tales of wonder and discovery to inspire creativity. This is a fascinating book to add to a classroom bookshelf. Whether a student picks it up and browses a few stories, or consumes it from cover to cover, it will definitely add all kinds of inventive ideas to consider and appreciate.

Rylee the Young Rocketeer

By JoAnn M. Dickinson

Rylee the Young Rocketeer

Rylee, The Young Rocketeer  is a fun rhyming picture book teaching children to dream big, reach for the stars, and become anything they are hoping to become. Rylee loves building parts for rockets but has high hopes and dreams of one day becoming a skilled rocketeer. She teaches kids like her, that with a little imagination you can become anything you want to be with hard work, determination, and skill.

On the Corner of Chocolate Avenue

By Tziporah Cohen

On the Corner of Chocolate Avenue

A STEAM picture book about the invention of the Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar is being released in December 2022. If you enjoyed Mr. Ferris and his Wheel and Snowflake Bentley, this book is a wonderful addition to your collection of inventor books.

Milton Hershey's life is an excellent example for a discussion about persistence and perseverance. When he was alive chocolate had been an expensive treat for only the very wealthy. He invented a chocolate bar that was delicious, didn't spoil and that could be purchased at a reasonable price. On the Corner of Chocolate Avenue is perfect for kids who love chocolate, inventors, and science experiments.

Combining this book with an integrated literature unit on Charlie and Chocolate Factory is a great idea. Our reading and hands-on STEM Unit has activities for reading, science, technology, engineering, and math. In addition we have included centers, a quiz game and recipes. Whether you choose some of the activities or do everything in the packet, you will have great ideas for enriching your literature study of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Charlies and the Chocolate Factory STEM Packet


By Kobi Yamada


Kobi Yamada continues to write books that are perfect additions to a STEM class. Noticing, a wonderful tale, is an accompaniment to the previously published book Trying. It encourages readers of all ages to slow down and look at the world with their heart and to use their imagination to expand their vision. It's a story that will encourage your students to pay attention, to make new discoveries, and to explore the unknown. Released January 2023.

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